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Morning at the Morton Arboretum

One of our favorite outdoor places to play is the Morton Arboretum. It was a bit cool, but it was partly sunny and we needed something to do so we headed to the Children’s Garden. We haven’t been in a few months, so it was fun to see how much more Evan can do now and to see Mia actually explore (the last time we were there she wasn’t moving).




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Celebrating Anna

On Sunday, Evan, Mia and I headed to Darien Park District to celebrate the lovely Anna’s 2nd birthday.  What a fantastic facility!  Their motor room has so many fun things: ball pit, a wheel around with bikes, slides, cars to drive, climbing structure and more.  The kids loved it!  And, the hallways even have fun things in them.  Evan and Mia had a blast and it was even more special because we got to celebrate one of Evan’s friends.  Thanks, Anna, for including us in your celebration!

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Evan and Mia head to the Zoo (aka the Babysitter’s house)

Our babysitter Lindsay is a big time animal lover and today she took Evan and Mia to her house to meet her some of her pets: Sophie, the large orange and white dog; Hobbs, the small tri-colored dog, Cisco the parakeet, Aggie the tortoise and Shelby the pig.  The kids loved the animals and I think it may have been better than the zoo!  I better watch out, or Lindsay will start charging admission fees 🙂

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Ready for the Roller Derby

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, we celebrated cousin Cormac and Addison’s birthday’s.  They had a combo birthday party at the roller rink.  We didn’t really know what to expect, but thought we should let Evan attempt skating.

So, we strapped on the skates:

He tested them slowly at first:

And, was thrilled!

Here’s a video of Evan in action: 

Mia even got in on the fun:

All that skating worked up an appetite:

And, then of course we celebrated the birthday girl and boy.  I love Addie’s expression!

Miraculously, none of us got hurt.  Many more skating adventures to come.  Happy birthday, Addie and Cormac.  Thank you for letting us share your celebration.

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Hay, what fun it is to ride…

The kids and I weren’t feeling good yesterday and this morning, but like the weather, we rallied.  We met friends from the Marvelous Mommies playgroup at the Danada Equestrian Center for a hayride and visit to the barn.  The crew included:

D'Arcy, Riley and Andrew


Theresa, Alaina and Andrew



Chris and Jack



Grant, Graham, Kristen and Isaac



The peanuts and me


It was Evan and Mia’s first hayride and Evan was so excited when we started to move. He had the biggest grin on his face. I think we’ll definitely do this again.  Miss Mia got a little hungry (as did baby Alaina), so Theresa and I got to nurse our babies during the ride–a first for both of us.

After the hayride, we of course had to try and get some group shots–Chris’s mother-in-law was such a good sport at trying to capture all of us looking at the camera.  She did a pretty good job!  Not sure why Evan’s flashing the belly.

We headed to the barn after the hayride and the tractor stole the show for Evan and Andrew:

The night ended with a parking lot meltdown by Evan.  Thank goodness Andrew was willing to carry Mia to the car while I dealt with the two blues.  Can’t wait to do this again!  Thanks Kristen for organizing!

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Beautiful Day at Johansen Farms

Sorry for the lack of kid-focused posts this past week.  I got too focused on cooking and didn’t upload photos. I promise to make up for it this week 🙂

On Monday, we headed to Johansen Farms with some mommy friends to enjoy the beautiful brisk weather, pumpkins, petting zoo and more.

First stop was visiting with the animals.  Evan didn’t want to feed them himself, but loved watching me give them corn kernels.  He wandered over by the chicks and this nice little girl kept bringing chicks over to Evan to look at.  Poor birds were being touched by all the kids and even though there was a sign saying no squeezing, not everyone followed that rule.  Mia thoughtfully watched on.

Next stop was the train.  Evan was giddy with excitement.  I needed to nurse Mia, so Aimee and Tracy took Evan with them.  It took a few tries, but I actually captured all six of them looking at the camera!

We then hit the bounce houses and stopped for a much needed snack.  Evan ate nearly an entire pumpkin bread loaf!  We ended playing in the pumpkins, and then Evan decided it was time to go home.  he fell asleep in the car before we made it out of the parking lot.

If you’re looking for a fun place to take the kids, Johansen Farms is definitely a great place to go.  Here’s a link to a $1 off coupon in Oaklee’s Guide.

Thanks Aimee, Abi, Tracy, Abby, Austin, Kristen, Graham, Isaac, Ginny and Zoey for lots of fun!

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Sunday = FunDay!

Grandma (Traci’s Mom) and her friend Bill came to visit this weekend.  Saturday was a bit of a bust because Mia had a bad cold and Evan was a bit under the weather.  But both kids rallied, and Sunday turned into a very fun day. We started by gearing up for the Bears/Lions game.

It was a beautiful day, so we headed to the Children’s Garden at the Morton Arboretum.  The Children’s Garden was celebrating its 5th birthday, so there were tons of fun activities and people.  A few fun moments:

After the Bears win and some good naps (love that fresh air wipes the kids out), we headed to Geneva with Nate and Jess for Festival of the Vine.  What a fun event–craft booths, wine tasting, food booths, special sales and music.  It’ll definitely be an annual event for us!  We even managed photos of the adults:

And, we pulled off a group shot:


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