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Cousin Visit

Cousins Cormac and Addie were in town visiting from Manitiwoc, so the kids and I headed to Bubbie and Zadie’s house to play. After air hockey, music, bouncing and more, we headed to Rainforest Cafe for lunch and then the Looney Toons play area at Woodfield.  Evan and Mia love their older cousins and don’t get to see them enough–what a fun day!  I think my favorite picture is the one of the four of them playing in the Looney Tunes wagon–it pretty much sums up what happens when you try to take a pic of four kids together.


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Visiting Daddy

Last week, Evan, Mia, Lindsay and I hopped on the train to go downtown to visit daddy.  it was Mia’s first time visiting daddy in the office and Evan had only been once before.  Evan loves riding the train, and Mia was a trooper.  Daddy met our train and we grabbed a quick lunch at the train station (Clearly Evan loved it based on the below pic) and then walked over to the Sears Tower, where daddy works on the 43rd floor.  A lot of people were out, but Evan and Mia made the rounds with quite a few people and were a big hit.  We checked out a couple displays at the train station on the way out and then Evan passed out on the ride home.  We love visiting daddy and will plan another adventure soon.

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Ready for the Roller Derby

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, we celebrated cousin Cormac and Addison’s birthday’s.  They had a combo birthday party at the roller rink.  We didn’t really know what to expect, but thought we should let Evan attempt skating.

So, we strapped on the skates:

He tested them slowly at first:

And, was thrilled!

Here’s a video of Evan in action: 

Mia even got in on the fun:

All that skating worked up an appetite:

And, then of course we celebrated the birthday girl and boy.  I love Addie’s expression!

Miraculously, none of us got hurt.  Many more skating adventures to come.  Happy birthday, Addie and Cormac.  Thank you for letting us share your celebration.

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Belated Thanksgiving Weekend Wrap-Up

I’m quite behind in posting without a good excuse, but we’re back at it now 🙂  For Thanksgiving, we headed to Manitiwoc to hang with most of my family.  It was so much fun to see Evan hang with his older cousins–in fact nearly 6 year old Cormac said “he doesn’t play like a baby anymore”  A few notable moments: Mia sat in a high chair for the first time, Uncle Matt solved Mia’s teething problem with a beer bottle, the kids had fun with their drumstick crowns (Inspired by Evan’s friend Abby and Family Fun magazine) and Amy cooked an amazing meal.  I’m very thankful to have such a loving, wonderful family.

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Whirlwind Weekend

Mike flew off to Arizona for the weekend for his company retreat, so the kids and I had the weekend to ourselves.  In an attempt to wear the kids out and maintain everyone’s sanity, I packed the weekend full of fun activities.

Saturday’s lineup started with swim class for Evan and me while Mia hung out at Kids Korner.  After swim, we headed to Lyman Woods with D’Arcy, Andrew and Riley for a mini outdoor adventure.  What a great new *FREE* find.  Very cute visitor center with displays and props for kids to play with plus a nice walking trail.

Then the real excitement happened–D’Arcy spotted a caterpillar.  The boys went nuts and sat staring at it for almost 10 minutes.

Riley had his 2 year check-up, so Evan, Mia and I headed home to pick up Sharice and off to Cosley Zoo we went.  Cosley is holding it’s fall fest right now, so in addition to the animals, they have pumpkins and a fun play area.  Evan’s favorite areas are the duck pond and activity caboose.  Fortunately, Mia decided the zoo was a good place to nap.  Evan also selected some pumpkins, but pics of those will come in a later post once they’re carved.

We then headed home so I could prep the house for game night.  A few of the moms from my Working Moms Meetup group came over and we had fun playing dominos, drinking wine and just enjoying some mom time.  The kids hit the sack early as a result of all the earlier activity–love it when my plan works.

Sunday morning started with both kids playing in Kids Korner while I went to my Pilates Circuit class (Pilates on the machines).  We then picked up Great Grandma (aka Grammy, aka Belle Gavzer) and headed to the Chicago Botanical Garden to check out the Railroad Garden.  Evan was so excited and we spent an hour just in that one area.  Thomas the Tank even made an appearance!

Next, we went to Sears Portrait for a photo session.  I think that was overly ambitious on my part because the kids were wiped out.  I’ll save those photos for another time. It was a whirlwind weekend and lots of fun, but we are VERY glad daddy is home.

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Nate and Jessica’s Wedding

After many months of planning, the big event finally arrived–10.10.10 marked my younger brother Nate and Jessica’s wedding day.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect.  The sun was shining for those two.  The original plan was for Evan to be the ring bearer –note the word original.  Unfortunately, Evan failed at his ring bearer duties, but excelled at demonstrating what the terrible twos looks like (cute though) 😉  Mia cooperated in her Flower Baby role and sat quietly on Poppy’s lap throughout the ceremony. Mike and I were smart and booked a sitter to watch the kids so we could enjoy the reception–once we put Mia to bed, we hung with the youngins until the very end.  It was a blast and I’m so glad that I can now officially call Jess my sister!  Some pics to commemorate the event:

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Sunday = FunDay!

Grandma (Traci’s Mom) and her friend Bill came to visit this weekend.  Saturday was a bit of a bust because Mia had a bad cold and Evan was a bit under the weather.  But both kids rallied, and Sunday turned into a very fun day. We started by gearing up for the Bears/Lions game.

It was a beautiful day, so we headed to the Children’s Garden at the Morton Arboretum.  The Children’s Garden was celebrating its 5th birthday, so there were tons of fun activities and people.  A few fun moments:

After the Bears win and some good naps (love that fresh air wipes the kids out), we headed to Geneva with Nate and Jess for Festival of the Vine.  What a fun event–craft booths, wine tasting, food booths, special sales and music.  It’ll definitely be an annual event for us!  We even managed photos of the adults:

And, we pulled off a group shot:


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