Magnificent Mia is Nine Months Old

How did this happen?  Our baby girl is now nine months old!  I just keep looking at her and thinking she was just born.  The cliche saying that time speeds up as you get older is very true.  Our little princess/diva is blossoming.  Her 9 month stats:

Height: 29″ (91%)
Weight: 17 lbs, 3 oz (21%)

Basically she has supermodel proportions–I wish mine were the same!  And, her metabolism is off the charts, because she eats everything.  Current favorites are yogurt, lamb, beef, multigrain cheerios and organic purees.  The only things she’s not crazy about so far are avocados and cottage cheese.

She is crawling albeit wounded soldier style, but her favorite move is cruising. The girl loves to stand and now shows off by taking her hands off whatever she’s holding to wave them around.  We are amazed at how long she can stand on her own!  Our pediatrician thinks she will probably do real crawling for a day or two and move straight to walking.  We fear the day that happens as she likes to explore everything!

Evan is going through a terrific stage of loving his baby sister–he’s super protective of her and when he knows she shouldn’t have something, he takes it away and gives her something else.  Mia just idolizes her older brother, but unfortunately shows that affection by grabbing his hair to stand up–we’re trying to fix that.

Now that the weather has warmed up, we’ve been getting outside every day and Mia LOVES the park–swings, slides, climbing around, standing, etc.  She also is a water baby just like her brother and can’t get enough of swim lessons and indoor pools.  This summer is going to be really fun.

She’s also been going through a pattern of waking around 4 or 5 to nurse and then falls asleep and mommy gets some sweet quiet cuddle time before the day starts.

Baby girl, you make us smile every day!



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