Five Star Dining…Minus Five Stars

Meal times are hit or miss at our house–usually miss.  Mike doesn’t get home until 7:15 most nights, so it’s rare we’re all able to sit down as a family.  The majority of the time, I play the role of the waitress and the kids screech their demands: “more milk mommy,” “no chicken,” “I want O’s,” etc.  I think I’ve heard a “thank you” once. Last night’s dining was any anything but delightful. I partially blame myself–we did just have the time change so schedules were off a bit and we went to the gym for cardio kickboxing (I love this class!), which meant we didn’t get home until 6:30 p.m.  But usually my kids roll with it, so thought that would be the case this time.  Boy was I wrong.

We walked in the door and Evan immediately melted down because I closed the garage door instead of him.  He also refused my help getting off his jacket, but ended up getting one of his arms stuck.  Mia meanwhile was crying b/c she was hungry and I wasn’t serving her food yet.  I since I hadn’t preplanned a meal, I decided to keep things simple and serve a breakfast for dinner menu of waffles, yogurt and fruit.  I also forgot to give the kids their vitamins in the morning, so I handed those out–cue meltdown number two.  Despite asking for an orange vitamin, after consuming it, Evan decided he wanted a purple one and no rational conversation about only one vitamin per day could persuade him to relentlessly stop asking for that purple one.  Then he didn’t want waffles, but when I gave them to Mia, he kept taking them back off her plate, which started her whine fest.  Evan is also going through a very independent streak, so he had to peel his own orange, get his own milk from the fridge, wipe his own face and it went on and on.  To top it off, he decided to get the Hoppies (Officially known as Annie Organics Honey Bunnies), shake the box and allow all of its contents to cover the entire floor.

Charlie Trotter’s we’re not, but in spite of the craziness, I wouldn’t change a thing (well, most things I wouldn’t change).



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  1. On days like that, it can help to keep the long-term perspective in mind. Evan and Mia will grow up, have kids of their own, and their kids will do this to them one day!

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