Evan “Changes” His Own Diaper

Tuesday morning “fun”

I open the door to Evan’s room and to my surprise, Evan was standing there buck naked.

Mommy: “Evan what happened to your diaper?”

Evan: “Oh no, yucky butt!”

Mommy: “Did you take your diaper off?”

Evan: “Dep (evan’s version of “yes”.  Yucky diaper.  Stinky diaper!”

Mommy: “Evan, only mommy and daddy are allowed to take off your diaper.”

Evan: “Yucky butt mommy.  I helped!”

He was so proud of himself, I couldn’t be mad.  And, he fortunately didn’t get the poop anywhere. However, he now sleeps with his sleep sack on backwards during nap and night time to avoid dealing with this again 🙂  Sometimes mommy is smarter than a 2 year old.


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