A Whirlwind Weekend in the Big Apple

This past Saturday, the four of us headed to NYC for the 160th birthday celebration of Annemarie (70) and Uncle Bernie (90).  What an incredible milestone and we felt so fortunate to be a part of it.  Uncle Bernie and Annemarie are truly a power couple with larger than life personalities and hearts.  It was so wonderful seeing so many family members for such a happy occasion.

We haven’t flown with the kids since August, so it was questionable how they’d be, but the two of them were really good and I think they may have our travel bug in their genes!

Before heading to the party, we met a former client and her son at a local park.  It was so great catching up with an old friend.
The party was so incredible.  The group is a theatrical bunch and many of the guests performed special poems, songs, etc. for Annemarie and Bernie.  The top performance of the night goes to the kids, their spouses and grandkids for their musical medley and comical show.
After a fantastic party, we headed back to the hotel way past the kids bedtimes.  Evan crashed pretty quickly but diva Mia put up a bit of a fight and was up a lot during the night.  There was a sick baby next door to us and I think she and Mia were talking/crying to each other through the walls.  The next morning we headed back to Annemarie and Bernie’s for brunch with the family.
We made it onto an earlier flight only to get delayed, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.  Evan fortunately slept most of the way home.  Thank you NYC!  We’ll be back soon.


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  1. Kaila Colbin

    Awesome! We had so much fun with you & your fam — it was just great to catch up and meet your gorgeous kids.


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