Potty Potential

There is a glimmer of potty training hope in our household.  We’re hitting most of the potty training readiness milestones:

1.  Evan now undresses himself regularly.  His favorite time to do this is when he’s supposed to be napping and he did go naked all night once b/c we were afraid to wake him:

2.  Now instead of just saying “I have poo poo butt” he also says pee pee

3. He loves flushing the toilet and waving bye bye

4.  He says “I want potty” and doesn’t scream anymore when we ask him to sit on it.  In fact, he loves sitting on the potty and now whines when we make him get off of it.  of course, we’ve only had success once (pee).

Hoping for more successes soon.  We’re not moving into full training mode quite yet, but it’s definitely in the near future.  the thought of only changing one kid’s diaper is too exciting!


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