Happy New Year … Take 2

This past week is competing for one of the worse weeks ever.  Between the two kids, our house was an illness incubator, including  double ear infections, RSV requiring nebulizer treatment, diaper rash, stomach flu and bad colds.  Yes, our medicine cabinet is stocked.  A close family member had surgery for pancreatic cancer (things are looking pretty good so far) and we’ve had a few other health issues.  My email stopped working for no apparent reason, and my computer fell on the floor requiring a new hard drive, which means I lost everything. Mike needed his new commuter lot parking passes and we were told they cancelled us from the system bc we didn’t pay last quarter–long story, but bottom line is they were wrong, and after two visits we were able to get the issue resolved.   I didn’t make it to the gym this week due to the kids being sick, the house is a mess and documents I sent did not go through.

BUT, life goes on and I’ve decided today is our new “happy new year” day because all we can do is plug ahead.  On a positive note:

  • the kids are feeling better
  • I have a new hard drive and the opportunity to better organize my digital files (Including backing them up) because i have a clean slate
  • My email is randomly working again.  Hoping it doesn’t fail me.
  • A hard drive recovery group in California may be able to recover our data (photos, work files, etc)
  • I will get to go to the gym this weekend since Mike is home
  • It’s the weekend




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2 responses to “Happy New Year … Take 2

  1. You weren’t kidding! Last week was a rough week – but it gave you a chance to see your wonderful husband step in to support you and I loved how you “re-balanced” and focused on the other good stuff at the end. That’s my girl! I’m proud of you! Love, Mom

  2. Hang in there, Traci! This is the stuff that makes us stronger and wiser. And more ready to appreciate the easy weeks. 🙂

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