Marvelous Mommies Holiday Celebration

I’m a bit behind on my holiday posts b/c of some camera issues, but catching up now.  On the Tuesday before Christmas, we held a holiday gathering for the Marvelous Mommies play group.  The kids played, we held gift exchanges for the adults and kids and indulged.  It was such a fun time and every time I get together with this group, I remind myself how lucky I am to have such terrific friends.

The 6-7 month crew:

It’s gift exchange time!  The kids (with parental support):

I failed to capture the mom’s gift exchange, but here are a few more photos from the celebration, including the newest addition: Beautiful Baby Lily!



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  1. These pics are funny & could be labeled:
    Pic #1 Mia in hat; Pic #2 Get this thing off me! Pic #3 Happy, hatless Mia!

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