Evan Discovers Build-A-Bear

A few months ago I purchased a $10 for $20 Build-A-Bear Groupon thinking it would be a fun winter activity for Evan.  Last weekend I realized the Groupon expires tomorrow (PSA to anyone else who purchased it–get to Build-A-Bear asap!), so since it was kind of cool and rainy today and Mia is still under the weather and stuck at home, I asked Lindsay to take Evan to build-a-bear.  She said he was a little scared by the stuffing process, but thought the rest was pretty cool.  He wavered between a Chicago Bears cheerleading uniform (they were out of Bears jerseys) and a fireman outfit and ultimately settled on a fireman dog named Shaggy.  Our son was raised correctly and stayed far away from the Packers uniforms (why any self-respecting Illinois store would carry Packers gear is beyond me).  I’m pretty impressed by his creation.  A few pics to commemorate the event.


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One response to “Evan Discovers Build-A-Bear

  1. poppy

    This little guy couldn’t get any cuter.

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