Marvelous Mia is 6 Months Old

Our beautiful baby girl is 6 months old today–where did the time go????  Our girl is thriving and continually surprises us.  And, Evan is really starting to bond with his sister.  he even sang her “Happy Birthday” this morning 🙂

Her 6 month stats: 14 lbs, 15 oz (30%, but tracking perfectly with her growth curve), 27 7/8″ tall (99%), 16.25 cm head (18%, but tracking with her growth curve).  The doctor declared her perfect, which this exclusively breastfeeding mama loves to hear!

Miss Mia is a bundle of energy and movement.  Some new skills since her last check-up: she can sit up unsupported for a long time (we’ve seen her sit and play for 45 minutes), she squirms around rooms, she’s up on her knees rocking, so crawling seems to be imminent, she grabs everything and she has two teeth.

We also decided to celebrate her birthday by starting her on rice cereal.  I’ve been dreading it because she still won’t take a bottle, but she loved it!  This is good timing because mommy has a 4 hour conference tomorrow and will be gone at least six hours, so if she won’t take a bottle, at least she can be fed rice cereal.  And, of course we documented the event with photos and video:

Magnificent girl, we LOVE you!


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