S is for Sleep…Sometimes

Our family’s theme this week seems to be sleep–lack of it (see my little jingle from Tues.), adjusting to new beds/rooms, new schedules, etc.  Of course, as I’m writing this post, everyone in the family is sleeping except me.  As I’m sure many moms around the world can relate, I’m up listening to the wee ones and my husband’s snoring.

Evan started launching himself out of his crib last weekend and I suppose we’re lucky he waited until age 2 to accomplish this feat. At first we thought we could control the problem by using the potato sack sleep sack, but as this photo shows, no luck:

To further up the panic attack factor, he also learned how to open doors and gates, so to avoid an inevitable ER visit from the monkey’s antics, we switched him to a big boy bed and put child safety knobs on his bedroom door.  He actually has two big boy beds: a travel tot bed and his queen size bed.  We thought the big bed might be too much of a transition, so we wanted him to have the option.  Right now, he’s sleeping on the floor in between the two beds…  Naps = fails, but night sleeping hasn’t been too bad.  The first night he only got up once and slept until 6 a.m., only an hour before he usually wakes and tonight is going well so far (other than the floor sleeping thing).  I just bought a stoplight alarm clock, which will hopefully help him stay in bed longer.

Princess Mia is handling the room and bed transition extremely well and is back up to sleeping 8-10 hours straight at night.  That may be in large part though to her finally popping her first two teeth.  The poor girl isn’t in constant discomfort.  No pics of her sleeping, but here’s a cute one of her in her PJ’s (taken by my new favorite local photographer  Jodi Ellen–don’t worry Heather, you’re still our overall favorite photog, but Cali is just too far for regular photos!)

I’m still working on finishing their room transitions, so pictures to come.

Now if the hubby would stop snoring, maybe I can actually catch some Zzzs too.  Sweet dreams everyone.


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