Ready for the Roller Derby

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, we celebrated cousin Cormac and Addison’s birthday’s.  They had a combo birthday party at the roller rink.  We didn’t really know what to expect, but thought we should let Evan attempt skating.

So, we strapped on the skates:

He tested them slowly at first:

And, was thrilled!

Here’s a video of Evan in action: 

Mia even got in on the fun:

All that skating worked up an appetite:

And, then of course we celebrated the birthday girl and boy.  I love Addie’s expression!

Miraculously, none of us got hurt.  Many more skating adventures to come.  Happy birthday, Addie and Cormac.  Thank you for letting us share your celebration.


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One response to “Ready for the Roller Derby

  1. maysdaysfriends

    This is hilarious!

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