Baby/Toddler Book Club November: Transportation

Last month I started a baby/toddler book club with one of my mom’s groups.  Basically, a themed play date.  Our October theme was animals and everyone brought their favorite animal book.  We also made hedgehogs by tracing the kids hands for the “fur” and paper bag fish.  I failed to capture photos of the October one, but did remember to break out the camera today for our November “meeting.”

Today was all about transportation–one of Evan’s favorite things and it gave me an excuse to get crafty.  One of the children has bad food allergies so I thought a way to get around that was to make individual food packages, so her mom could put anything she wanted in it and it would look the same as everyone else’s.  That worked really well.  I used the Parties by Hardie paper design from Evan’s train birthday party and made cones and pillow pockets to hold the snacks.  I also downloaded a template to make paper trains from DLTK and we had a lot of fun with those–you can see Evan’s below.  If you’re looking for a new option for a play date, this is a fun, easy one.  Happy reading!



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4 responses to “Baby/Toddler Book Club November: Transportation

  1. Chris McDaniel

    All I can say…is Oh My goodness…when do you have time??????? This is beautiful!

  2. Jessica Atkinson

    Hi Traci –

    I ordered this same printable party from Parties by Hardie and I am VERY curious how you got the cones to stand up in the styrofoam. I am dying to do the same thing for my son’s train birthday party.

    Thanks – Jessica

    • Hi, Jessica – I made the cones out of the full page design prints at the back of the collection and used red and blue large cocktail picks to get the cones to stand in the styrofoam. I think I purchased the picks at Party City–make sure to get the large ones. The small standard tooth picks don’t hold up. I filled the cones with goldfish, crackers, etc, so they were fairly weighted. I think it would be cute to add blue and red mike and ike’s or jelly beans to cover the foam and I’ll probably do that if i make them again. Hope this helps!

      • Jessica Atkinson

        Great idea to use the jelly beans to mike and ike’s! I love that.

        Thanks for your help!

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