As David Bowie sang “time to face the change”. Evan’s last day at Bright Horizons was last Thursday and this week we switched to having a nanny for both kids three days a week. This was an extremely difficult decision as evan’s experience at Bright Horizons has been so wonderful. We ultimately decided on going with a nanny because:

1. Miss Mia won’t take a bottle and if she’s cared for at home, I can easily nurse her. (though we are working on this so I can leave the house for more than a few hours at some point over the next year)
2. Schedules. Most of my clients are on the west coast and the daycare schedule didn’t allow for me to be able to do late in the day calls bc I was needing to pick up the kids. Also if I need to travel, mike’s schedule doesn’t allow for pick up and drop off
3. We found a terrific caretaker. Lindsay has been babysitting for us for a few months and both kids love her.
4. Financial. It’s expensive to have two kids in daycare.

Our first week has gone pretty well. We signed Evan up for a number of classes to ensure he still gets plenty of social interaction and we are working on the same for Mia.

The biggest challenge has been the food! I’m not used to providing three meals a day. If anyone has meal planning advice, I’d love to hear it. We are in decent shape for dinners, but breakfast and lunch are a challenge!

Luckily we have two amazing munchkins that make it all worthwhile!


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