2010 Halloween Happenings

I’m behind on my posts, but I think it’s because I needed to recover from all of our Halloween celebrations–we went to five parties/events/activities plus trick-or-treating!  When did Halloween become a holiday celebrated over multiple days???

Our friends, Riley (the dinosaur), D’Arcy and Andrew joined us to check out the Wheaton Park District Halloween Happening event out not knowing what to expect.  And, there were families from one of my Meetup groups there as well.  What a BLAST!  Definitely one to hit every year. The park district had games inside (though those will be better for Evan next year–he was too young this year) and a trick or treat trail with Disney characters who handed out treats.  But the icing on the cake was the awesome touch a truck type event-tons of service vehicles and trucks decked out in Halloween decor on display for the kids to climb in and on–Evan (our little dragon) was in heaven!

Next up was Evan’s Halloween celebration at school.  Mommy failed to capture pics at that one or the next.    On Friday morning of Halloween weekend, Evan and Mia joined me at the gym where they had a Halloween party in Kids Korner.  The kids played games and sang songs and visited Mommy’s Cardio Kick class.  They all sang us a song while we were stuck doing squats–mine were extra fun because my little dragon decided mommy needed to hold him.  Lifting 30lbs up and down while doing squats deserves some extra credit!  Miss Mia dressed up as a chili pepper and she was hot, hot, hot!

Following the gym, we headed to Abby, Austin and Tracy’s for a Halloween Party with the Good Sam moms and kids.  So much fun to see all the little ones dressed up and such a good time.   Though Mia and Alaina thought it was grand fun to “wrestle” with each other–I think they were competing.  Alaina won, but she is 4 weeks older and 4 lbs heavier than Mia.  Evan just ran around like a crazy man and mommy got a little nutty and tried on Mia’s chili pepper hat:

To round out the Friday Halloween fun, we headed to a party at Deb’s from my Awesome Kids of Wheaton and Beyond Meetup group.  She turned her backyard into an awesome Halloween retreat–ghosts flew from the trees, “animals” distributed candy and treats and pumpkins were out in force for the kids to decorate.

I unfortunately came down with the stomach flu and was knocked out for all of Halloween, but Evan, Mia, daddy, poppy and granny went trick-or-treating and had a great time.  It may take until next year to fully recover!


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One response to “2010 Halloween Happenings

  1. Megan Cotugno

    I am exhausted after reading all of this! Unbelievable how much fun you guys packed into the Halloween holiday.

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