Fantasy Football Report: Week 7


It’s been a rough week, so getting this post in just under the wire before week 8 starts.  Week 7 was one of tremendous luck for Blitz Bitch.  I wasn’t using my head and failed to start a player in both leagues, but managed to pull out two victories due to the rock star performance by WR Kenny Britt–he saved my butt!  Mike was not as fortunate 😦
Who Dat? League
Blitz Bitch (3-4, 1oth place) defeated Gridiron Assassins 120.14 – 105.58
Ultra Low Latency (1-6, 12th place) lost to B World 91.47 to 152.24
Monsters of the Midway
Blitz Bitch (6-1, 1st Place) defeated Black Jesus 128.50 – 81.28
Porkchop Sandwiches (4-3, 6th place) lost to Get the Phone Jones 82.24 – 133.68



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