Hay, what fun it is to ride…

The kids and I weren’t feeling good yesterday and this morning, but like the weather, we rallied.  We met friends from the Marvelous Mommies playgroup at the Danada Equestrian Center for a hayride and visit to the barn.  The crew included:

D'Arcy, Riley and Andrew


Theresa, Alaina and Andrew



Chris and Jack



Grant, Graham, Kristen and Isaac



The peanuts and me


It was Evan and Mia’s first hayride and Evan was so excited when we started to move. He had the biggest grin on his face. I think we’ll definitely do this again.  Miss Mia got a little hungry (as did baby Alaina), so Theresa and I got to nurse our babies during the ride–a first for both of us.

After the hayride, we of course had to try and get some group shots–Chris’s mother-in-law was such a good sport at trying to capture all of us looking at the camera.  She did a pretty good job!  Not sure why Evan’s flashing the belly.

We headed to the barn after the hayride and the tractor stole the show for Evan and Andrew:

The night ended with a parking lot meltdown by Evan.  Thank goodness Andrew was willing to carry Mia to the car while I dealt with the two blues.  Can’t wait to do this again!  Thanks Kristen for organizing!


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