Mia’s First Date

The diva had her first date today–it was with the handsome Austin May.  He’s two weeks older and comes from a very good family.  His older sister Abby is one of Evan’s good friends. The date of course was chaperoned by moi.  The children behaved for the most part, though Austin did try to lift Mia’s shirt up at one point and Mia tried to eat Austin’s hand.

They started out side-by-side on the playmat–Mia wasn’t so sure at first, but warmed to Austin pretty quickly (How could she not, he’s such a cute, happy little dude!).

They decided to participate in some tummy time after laying on their backs got boring:

They had a lengthy discussion:

And, the date ended with a bottle for Austin, nursing for Mia and naps for both of them.  I have a feeling she’ll be seeing this cutie again.


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