Sunday Fun at Cosley Zoo

After Pilates Circuit on Sunday, we decided to let daddy rest with Mia, and I got some 1:1 bonding time with Evan.  We headed to Cosley Zoo to burn off some energy.  It’s a small zoo that’s part of Wheaton Park District and free to residents–a really terrific community gem that makes me appreciate where we live.  Their fall festival takes place throughout October, so in addition to the animals, there are also pumpkins, hay bales to climb on, fall cut outs to pose with and a corn husk maze–perfect place to take a toddler.  Evan’s favorite thing is the ducks, but unfortunately they were taking a snooze–I learned later that Evan’s friend Abby was there earlier feeding them, so they may have been in a food coma.  I loved having my alone time with Evan and the bonus was Evan napped through all the early afternoon football games!  A few photos from our fun morning:

Watching the sleeping ducks:

And of course a little running!


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