Indianapolis Getaway

Here’s the story, of two ambitious ladies

Who headed to Indianapolis on their own

They were traveling with 3 small children

To get away from home.

Here’s the story of our trip to Indy

To visit Fair Oaks Farm to see the cows

We also traveled to the city to hit the water park

and Children’s Museum before heading home

(Sing to tune of Brady Bunch Theme song)

All in all, I’d call the trip a success.  We had a few meltdowns, but the good outweighed the bad, so I think we’ll definitely do a mini getaway like this again. Thank you Aimee and Abi for being our travel buddies!



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2 responses to “Indianapolis Getaway

  1. Gramma Karyn

    You two ladies are brave! That was quite an adventure. You didn’t mention the hotel stay in your post. How did that go?

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