One Month Left…

I can’t believe it, but there’s less than one month left of our little boy being 1.  Two means he’s not a baby anymore, though he’d probably argue he hasn’t been a baby for awhile.  It also means the end of free and majorly discounted prices, so I think we’ll hit a lot of his favorite spots this month.  We visited Monkey Joe’s on Saturday, tonight is Little Monkey Bizness and tomorrow we’re headed to Kids Town.

Over the weekend, Evan was measured to find out what size tux he needs for Uncle Nate and Aunt Jessica’s wedding.  Look how grown up he is:

He starts soccer in the next couple weeks (yes, they actually have sports kids can play at this age).  Evan’s joining the Lil Kickers program, and even gets a uniform!  We are also participating in Tumble Time and a Nature Story Telling program.  I love all the programs that become available when your child turns 2!

Little man, we adore you and love watching you grow.  Mommy promises to focus on  all the positive aspects of you getting older, since I can’t stop time.



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3 responses to “One Month Left…

  1. poppy

    What an awesome little boy. And I believe that is directly related to having two awesome parents.

  2. Gramma Karyn

    Seeing the pictures of Evan trying on his tuxedo made me gasp – my mind leaped forward and saw him as a teenager getting ready for prom! He’s growing up too fast!

  3. So cute, Traci! He looks adorable in that tuxedo. Just don’t blink… or he’ll be turning 8 next month like my baby boy.

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