A week of milestones

This week’s big milestones/accomplishments:

1.  Mia turned 3 months old and is thriving.  She’s now over 13 lbs (was 13 lbs, 4 oz last Thursday) and is growing solely on mommy’s milk (as readers know, she certainly won’t take a bottle)

2.  I was finally able to do a roll-up during my Pilates class.  Most other post partum moms will agree this is an accomplishment 😉

3.  Mia can now roll over! We’ve felt she had the skills to for a few weeks, but she just wasn’t mentally ready–she finally did it!

4.  Evan correctly used “please” – I know a lot of my friends kids already have incredible vocabularies.  Evan has a lot of words, but he usually doesn’t combine them–and I’ve always had to prompt him to say please in the past. On Wed., he was taking a bath and I turned off the water.  He wanted it back and normally just whines.  But that night, he signed and said “more water please” — yay!  A sentence with signs that I could understand.  Of course mommy accommodated his request 🙂

5.  Evan now sleeps with a pillow.  This is step one of our attempt to move him to a big boy bed.  So far, he’s remained very committed to his crib and has refused to sleep in a real bed.

6.  Mike solved an international problem at work and kicked tail (as he always does!)


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