Bottle Battle 2010 Continues

Mia is almost 13 weeks old, and still refuses to take a bottle.  That means for 90 days straight now, every single meal has come from mommy (not that I’m counting).  This is both a blessing and a curse.  Breastfeeding is really important to me and it’s amazing to watch Mia grow solely on what she’s getting from me–she’s now 13 lbs, 4 oz.  But, it’s also really hard because I am her only source of nourishment and she gives anyone who tries to feed her an extremely hard time.  This means mommy never gets much of a break, and daddy doesn’t have the ability to comfort her when she’s hungry.  It also means we can’t go out for longer than a couple hours.

It’s funny how different Mia’s eating is from Evan’s–he refused to nurse at first and it took nearly 4 weeks to get him to latch.  Once he did, he didn’t have any issues switching between bottle and breast though I did have to use a nipple shield the entire 11.5 months I nursed him.

We’ve tried Medela, Dr. Brown’s, Tommee Tippee, Adri, Avent and Playtex.  We’ve tried freshly pumped milk, warm milk, cold milk.  So far nothing’s worked, but we haven’t given up hope, and I’d rather have this problem than the opposite one.  At least we haven’t had to clean a lot of bottles or pump parts 🙂  And, she’s so precious, it’s worth it! A pic of our Sassy Miss.



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3 responses to “Bottle Battle 2010 Continues

  1. Have you tried having someone else give her bottles while you are out of eyesight or even out of the house? At first Em refused bottles if she knew I was remotely nearby. Also, at the beginning Brent had to lay her on the Boppy, similar to how she was when I nursed her. And he’d turn her on the other side halfway through the bottle, just like I did when I nursed.

    Good luck! I hope she catches on soon!

    • I’ve actually only tried giving her a bottle once–all the other times have been others when I’ve been out of the house, or upstairs when they’re downstairs or at the gym. Will have Mike try the Boppy idea! Thanks!

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