Poor Peanuts

This week was a little rough for Evan and Mia.  Both came down with colds, though Evan recovered pretty quickly–unfortunately, I think it’s because he’s had a lot of practice being sick.  A couple pics from the doctor’s office…

Evan took a long nap and then decided he’s practice using his potty–no success yet, but at least he’s “trying”

Daddy giving baby girl some cuddles to help her feel better:

Mommy was able to have two “girls nights” this week–woo hoo!  And, we found a terrific new babysitter.  Not too bad of a week.  Now, we just need the little ones to get back to 100%.



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2 responses to “Poor Peanuts

  1. Hi Trace! I’m loving your blog! Isn’t it refreshing to write for fun?! Hope your littles are feeling better real soon. You should check out the “Peter Potty” (if they still sell it), it’s a toddler urinal which is so funny, but it seemed to work like a charm for Jack. 🙂
    xo, Sheena

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