California Adventure – Part II

Sunday morning was easy going play.  Evan and Elliot played together and Erik entertained Mia with songs.

We headed to Castaway in Burbank for brunch with the Johnson crew and my friend Brendan and his wife Mia (lovely name and lady!).  Brunch with four kids under the age of four (three of them under 2) is always a risk, but fortunately all the kids cooperated (for the most part) and we were all able to actually eat.  It had been way too long since I had spoken or seen Brendan, so I was very appreciative to get the time and loved meeting his wife, and seeing the two of them so happy together.  Cute photo of Brendan and Baby Mia.

The morning wiped the boys out, and they all took great naps.  Late Sunday, we headed to Brett and Carolyn’s for a BBQ with a bunch of old friends.  Brett & Carolyn were fantastic hosts–especially because they had a new baby of their own who was only a week old!  Evan had a great time playing with Xander (Sean and Jenn’s son), Elliot and the other kids.  Unfortunately, Mia protested staying “up late” – it was 5:30, but 7:30 for her and she’s very committed to her bedtime — so our visit was cut a bit short.

We had a 7 a.m. flight home on Monday and it was a bit rough as you can probably tell from Mike’s expression.  Note to those who fly without children– no matter how bad it is for you, it’s a million times worse for the parents of the kids who are crying.  We survived though and both Mike and I toasted our success with a glass of wine once we got home.  All-in-all, the trip was worth it–we just wish we had gotten to see more people.  Reason for another trip!

Some lessons learned:

*  Mia likes her bedtime and sleep (She’s like her daddy).  we should not mess with it.

*  No more early morning flights (mike’s request)

*  Multiple clothing changes are essential

*  Travel is worth it


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