Labor Day Weekend California Adventure – Part I

We had our fantasy football draft party and wanted to catch up with friends, so we headed to So Cal for our first trip as a family of four.  Both kids have flown, but this was the first time for all of us together.  Oddly enough, Evan’s first trip to California was also when he was 11 weeks old.

Mia spared us blowouts during the flight, but did treat us with one while going through security.  We’ll take it.  Evan was a total champ and it reminded me how quickly he’s growing up.

Mike boarded the plane first with the car seat and looks of fear followed him.  When I got on the plane with Evan and Mia, those looks turned to terror–ah the joys of flying with kids.  Fortunately the kids took turns wreaking havoc–Mia fussed during the first half of the flight while Evan slept, and then Mia crashed and Evan grew restless and decided it would be super fun to play with the seat in front of him.  Daddy helped manage that situation very efficiently and a plastic cup really did the trick.  A few pics to commemorate the flight:

Oh cup fun:

Evan keeping a lookout for the rental car shuttle.


Found it!

I’m on a bus…

See Fantasy Football Draft for the majority of our Saturday activities.  We also went to the park.  We were supposed to meet up with a friend and former client of mine, but Mia nixed those plans, by “refusing” to adjust to the time change and hitting super fussy stage right when we were supposed to meet him.  Hopefully next time!

On deck for Sunday, brunch with friends and a BBQ this afternoon.  We have an EARLY flight on Sunday, so it should be an early night.


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