Lesson Learned

Recently a friend and I participated in a children’s resale.  We thought it would be a great opportunity to sell some of the baby clothes and items we had spent tons of money on and clear out our closets.  It cost $15 to participate, so we agreed to split the fee.  After signing up, the rules began flooding in–clothing must be washed (duh!), pressed (ok, but annoying), hung facing the same way with the hanger making a question mark, etc.  All items needed to be entered into their computer system, then printed on card stock–regular paper was unacceptable.  then tags needed to be safety pinned to clothing tags or on seams.  We were only allowed to include a limited number of items from so-called “B” brands and they needed to be in a separate pile.  Everything needed to be separated by gender and size and delivered to the resale location–there were some other guidelines, but this is getting long.

So after all that, guess how many items we sold.

16 of 81 (23%) for a total of $52.65.  When you take into account the consignment fee, my portion = $0.95.  95 cents!!!!!!!!  And if I deduct the mileage from driving to and from the resale, my net takeaway is probably 0.  So my lesson learned is ’tis always better to donate.  Family/Friends and local charities, you have a lot of good stuff headed your way.



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2 responses to “Lesson Learned

  1. Gail C

    LOL Tracy, I just HAD to read the lesson I learned 5 years ago with a local church resale program. Better to be the buyer than the seller (there were ALOT of clothes new with tags at this resale 😉 in this type of situation.

  2. Mike

    Plus, I had to go pick up the unsold items and though they were supposed to be pulled from the racks and placed into our bins, only about 1/2 of the items were in the bin. I had to search the racks, looking for our tag ID number (and I didn’t even know what the clothes look like, so I was really at a disadvantage.) I spent about an hour there, and was feeling quite ill (fever and other…) It was horrible.

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